Togel Singapore

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TGL introducing a new scheme for the ever growing community of Thailand Lottery.


We are well aware that many people are investing on Thailand Lottery – but not able to win even a single time. Or their success rate or winning rate is very low. For those kind of the people, we formed a club known as ‘Thai Group Lotto Club’.


Our club has elite team of Thailand Lottery enthusiasts. We are collecting funds and investing our amount all together on the Thailand Lottery. With the help of TGL Lotto Card as well as with the help of professionals and experts in the field, we are investing our amount on single digit cards, Three Digit, Double Number and ‘down numbers’. We have a 80% success rate in all the draws. due to that your money grows into many folds.


For example, if each member pays $50/draw and total number of members will be 50, then total amount will be US$ 2500. We will invest the said amount on Single digit and triple digit. Our investment scenario as follows: 40% of the collected amount will be on Single digit, another 40% on triple digit, 10% will be a administration expenses, 10% goes to the panel members for their guidance. if we won in the draw Single Digit 40%-1000.00 will get 3000.00 Triple Digit 40%-US$ 20 will be on each number, on win, will get 8000.00 (8000+3000=11000/50=220). So your $50 becomes 220.00 without any effort from your side. This is very minimal calculation. We have more chances of betting $100 on triple digit. Just imagine your benefit upon this.




The Greatest Game, a Togel Singapore marketing campaign to promote Thoroughbred ownership, will hold a lottery on March 25 in Lexington as part of its consultant program encouraging industry members to identify potential owners.


The lottery will consist of 16 horses. About 85 consultants are expected to participate. Three consultants will be drawn for the connections of each horse, at which point information will be exchanged for possible sales.


Gay Fisher, Executive Director of The Greatest Game, said she expects the program to continue with monthly lotteries.


The Greatest Game is a joint venture of industry organizations that include Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association, Keeneland Association, and the National Thoroughbred Racing Association.


The lottery will be held at Dean, Dorton, and Ford at 106 West Vine Street, Suite 600 in Lexington. Call (859) 276-2291 for more information.