Waiting for Qiu Qiu Henman

Qiu Qiu

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With BBCI in on the tv action I knew the Henman game from Roland Garros would be shown in full so decided to wait for it. Had a lot to do today and was pleased rain held up the games so I could get other stuff out the way.

Too much rain though so ended up having a very quick dip into the Nalbandian v Gasquet game while waiting for Henman – hence the £7.45. Hey, I said it was a quick!!

“Tiger” finally made it onto the court and it was a disaster. Ended up bailing out of my too long-held position for red shortly after game 2 when he was broken and with Tursunov on fire. Henman didn’t actually play too badly but the game just wasn’t a contest with the Russian’s power hitting. Awesome stuff.

Worked on reducing the red sensibly rather than just lumping on Tursonov. But at 2-0 as bad light stopped pay it’s looking bleak. The risk-averse way I’m reducing the red means realistically I need Henman to equal the match to get back to a decent all green Qiu Qiu position. Either that or have some lumpy bets (which would leave Henman large red with a small Trusonov green) but that isn’t what this is about. I’ve a set bank and would rather take a managable loss than lump everything on the Russian and hope he wins. Because although I’m sure he will there will come a time when he obviously won’t. And that would wipe out a large part of my profit to date. Long term success at this game is largely about control. This is a time to bite the bullet and exercise it.

Best result yet

Had my eye on the Murray v Monfils match today as I knew Eurosport would finally show a whole match without interruption. And barring the fact that some ad breaks were obviously more important than the tennis they did. So was able to trade my first match from Roland Garros properly.

Match itself was amazing. 3rd set was just a shocker. Murray, virtually unable to run, average 1st serve speed under 60mph and with a doctor on court took it 6-1. Monfils just fell apart. Couldn’t hit the ball in. Would have been funny if it hadn’t been so embarrassing.

Happy with the day’s profit. Still only using a small part of the challenge bankroll but today was my best day since I started the blog, and with £180.36 the Murray game was also my best event result to date on this blog. But if Murray had just quit when injured would have been looking at an extra £600. Will get a retirement go my way soon!!

Dipped into the Safin v Gonzalez game too. Entertaining to watch and another opportunity for those who still haven’t seen it to watch Safin lose it and work his way through some more tennis rackets with his alternative smash technique.

It seems he still hadn’t cooled down after the game either prefering to pay a fine rather than attend the post match press conference.