The federal government just can’t cope with Internet gambling.


In its latest misstep, the U.S. Justice Department has asked a Louisiana federal court to dismiss a lawsuit brought by casinocity.com that challenges the government’s crackdown the past year on advertising by Internet casinos.


If the government wins dismissal, it will only win postponement of an inevitable showdown in some other courtroom to resolve the question of whether and what sort of Internet gambling activity is illegal in the United States.


Uncle Sam’s main weapon in trying to squelch Internet gambling is a federal law from the 1960s that predates the Internet. Throw in the hopeless mash of 50 states’ statutes on the subject and you have the current environment of legal chaos.


Congress has debated cyber-gambling legislation for years, to no avail.


Congress similarly for years has debated proposed changes to the National Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Interested in Thailand Casino and คาสิโนออนไลน์เครดิตฟรี


Ambiguities, loopholes and other shortcomings in that 1988 law have likewise spawned a cottage industry of tribal gaming law litigators getting rich arguing over the fine print in that statutory pot of stew.


Don’t misunderstand this enthusiastic drubbing of Congress as an endorsement of Internet gambling. Hardly.


Some companies in the shadowy world of cyber-gambling have cleaned up their acts in recent years.


But in this corner of the newspaper it is still considered the height of lunacy to place a wager in cyberspace when the outcome is wholly in the hands of off-shore casino bosses and bookies unfettered by U.S. regulation and beyond the reach of U.S. law.


Besides that economic risk, gambling at home, probably alone, is unhealthy at best and akin to drinking alone. Not much good can come of it, with addiction the constant threat.


With all that said, it is also lunacy for Congress to continue pretending it can outlaw and police Internet gambling.


The industry’s Canadian-based Interactive Gaming Council estimates that thousands of cyber casinos last year raked in around $7.5 billion — half of it, at least, from Americans.


The cyber-gambling genie unfortunately has squirmed all the way out of the bottle and there’s no putting it back.


The only effective way to squeeze charlatans and bandits out of the business and protect consumers is to legalize the activity, then regulate it tightly and tax it heavily.


At last count, 77 nations were doing just that, and a lot of those legal Web sites are state-owned operations. Not all of those nations are Caribbean sand specks either. The list includes many of the world’s modern democracies, including Canada, Australia, the U.K. and most of the rest of the European Union. Even China and Russia are at the brink.


The United States cannot much longer stand alone against such a global tidal wave.


That, in effect, was what the World Trade Organization told the United States the other day when it ruled in favor of tiny Antigua and Barbuda in an Internet gambling restraint-of-trade case against the United States.


Antiguan authorities estimate their island nation has lost more than $90 million in taxes because of U.S. hurdles.


The United States can’t afford to thumb its nose at the international body and is expected to appeal.


That brings us back to the Louisiana Internet case.


In August, Casino City Inc., operator of casinocity.com, alleged that an ongoing Justice Department initiative aimed at stifling advertising by offshore gambling Web sites is a violation of commercial free speech.


In its recent motion filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana, government lawyers argued that Casino City had no standing to bring the action because it was not a named target of the crackdown.


Besides that, the government noted that the First Amendment’s free-speech guarantee does not extend to promoting illegal activity.


That brings us full circle, back to the absence of clear-cut federal law defining illegal Internet gambling.







Online Togel Poker Software consolidation Playtech purchases Tribeca TablesOnline Togel Poker Software consolidation Playtech purchases Tribeca Tables



To dispel fears of market meltdown for online poker – the sad news of Tribeca Tables pullout from USA market was countered with the positive news of an immediate acquisition by Playtech – itself, not serving the USA poker market anymore.  Tribeca Tables Europe Limited and Playtech Limited are quite the leaders in the European poker market.


Aside from poker, Playtech is also a leading developer in the online casino, bingo, mobile gaming, fixed-odds games, live gaming and land-based kiosk network markets. Playtech is hedging its growth on Europe and Asian markets, among its projects are Internet mahjong and pachinko – the latter a $300Billion industry in Japan alone.


Tribeca Tables Europe Limited is a privately-owned software designer that provides an online poker platform to several leading poker rooms such as Doyle’s Poker room, VictorChandler and Gary Bowmans Poker. Tribeca has recently merged with the Tain Poker Network which includes the Expekt poker room.


Tribeca and Playtech have agreed a maximum purchase cost as high as $139,000,000 but this would only be payable given an exceptional performance. At current performance levels, the cost would be a smaller but still considerable $75,000,000. The eventual outcome may end up somewhere in between.


Playtech Limited is paying the consideration in cash in four instalments. The first is payable upon satisfaction of specific conditions. The second, third and fourth payments are to be made respectively on the 9th, 18th and 24th month intervals, after the date of the agreement.


The Tribeca business assets being acquired by Playtech are extremely profitable. In the calendar year 2005, Tribeca cleared a gross profit of $5,300,000 on turnover of just $6,200,000 but, in a measure of its growth since then, Tribeca reports that in the last three months alone a gross profit of $3,400,000 was made from turnover of $3,900,000 (figures not audited).


Once Playtech has acquired the business assets of Tribeca, it is intended that the Tribeca online poker operators will be migrated to Playtech’s platform within six months.


Playtech says that it “…expects that synergies between the two companies will lead to significant savings in respect of the additional costs involved in supporting the migrated licensees. Additionally, the Company expects higher revenues to be generated by the increased player liquidity, as well as the introduction of Playtech’s casino games to the migrated licensees…”


Playtech says that the acquisition will significantly strengthen Playtech’s share of the global online Togel poker gaming market and is in line with its continued strategy to diversify its portfolio and geographical reach.


The Chief Executive Officer of Playtech Limited, Avigur Zmora, said:


“This is a landmark deal for Playtech which, in one move, transforms the Company into the world’s leading poker network that excludes US players. Tribeca is an outstanding fit for us and the company’s licensees are operating, for the most part, in different geographical locations to Playtech’s current poker licensees.


“We look forward to welcoming Tribeca’s licensees and offering them the best combination of poker knowledge and world leading technology. Both Tribeca and Playtech are committed to a smooth transitional period to ensure that migrating licensees can continue to offer the most attractive poker environment for their players.”






Togel Singapore





TGL introducing a new scheme for the ever growing community of Thailand Lottery.


We are well aware that many people are investing on Thailand Lottery – but not able to win even a single time. Or their success rate or winning rate is very low. For those kind of the people, we formed a club known as ‘Thai Group Lotto Club’.


Our club has elite team of Thailand Lottery enthusiasts. We are collecting funds and investing our amount all together on the Thailand Lottery. With the help of TGL Lotto Card as well as with the help of professionals and experts in the field, we are investing our amount on single digit cards, Three Digit, Double Number and ‘down numbers’. We have a 80% success rate in all the draws. due to that your money grows into many folds.


For example, if each member pays $50/draw and total number of members will be 50, then total amount will be US$ 2500. We will invest the said amount on Single digit and triple digit. Our investment scenario as follows: 40% of the collected amount will be on Single digit, another 40% on triple digit, 10% will be a administration expenses, 10% goes to the panel members for their guidance. if we won in the draw Single Digit 40%-1000.00 will get 3000.00 Triple Digit 40%-US$ 20 will be on each number, on win, will get 8000.00 (8000+3000=11000/50=220). So your $50 becomes 220.00 without any effort from your side. This is very minimal calculation. We have more chances of betting $100 on triple digit. Just imagine your benefit upon this.




The Greatest Game, a Togel Singapore marketing campaign to promote Thoroughbred ownership, will hold a lottery on March 25 in Lexington as part of its consultant program encouraging industry members to identify potential owners.


The lottery will consist of 16 horses. About 85 consultants are expected to participate. Three consultants will be drawn for the connections of each horse, at which point information will be exchanged for possible sales.


Gay Fisher, Executive Director of The Greatest Game, said she expects the program to continue with monthly lotteries.


The Greatest Game is a joint venture of industry organizations that include Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association, Keeneland Association, and the National Thoroughbred Racing Association.


The lottery will be held at Dean, Dorton, and Ford at 106 West Vine Street, Suite 600 in Lexington. Call (859) 276-2291 for more information.


Keluaran Sgp


Various Shades of Legalised Keluaran Sgp GamblingVarious Shades of Legalised Keluaran Sgp Gambling



Since the gambling business has been declared to be legalised, there has always been a lot a difference in opinion about it in favour as well as not in favour of the decision. But considering it carefully we come to know that there are a number of advantages as well as disadvantages regarding the topic. Let us have an overview on the factors of the legalisation of this gambling.



Advantages of gambling



Gambling attracts money just as food attracts flies. It is not just an assumption but a realistic observation that the growth of gambling is directly proportional to the growth of finance, not for that particular organisation but also for the location. These casinos which enable this trade of gambling allow new jobs to germinate. Now adding up to the profits of Android All Slots Casino, the increasing number of tourists which get attracted towards gambling play an important role in the development and well being of the area. These countries which has legalised gambling are not always very prosperous ones. The high taxation which the government receives from gambling adds to the assets of the country. The high amount which the casinos pay to the government in form of taxes results in the lowering of the state taxes. Thus, legalisation has added to the prosperity of the nation to much extent.



Disadvantages of gambling



Not just finance but the crime has been observed to be nourished because of this legalisation of online gambling. Its roots are found to be near such clients who have lost money while gambling. It also makes small businesses to suffer. Not just these but it also supports promotion of unlawful activities which are unhealthy for the society. Social problems like bankruptcies, emotional instability, problem in relations and addiction are common disadvantages of gambling especially after being legalised.

Online Roulette- The Best Option Available


You can receive the same atmosphere of the land based casino when you go for an online roulette. After you have logged on a site, you can actually receive the same excitement and fin by clicking the most and staring at the screen. However, you shall miss the sound of players shouting and the rolling sound of the dice and also the snacks you get at the land based or a traditional casino. If you are a roulette fan or a casino addict, then online roulette is the perfect option for you as you can spend as much time as you want.

The annoying crowd of the conventional casino is however avoided while playing at the online version of roulette. Moreover, there is nobody to disturb you in the middle of the game while playing from your home. You can play on any website offering you roulette game by selecting the best option from a long list of online roulette websites. There are many trial versions as well, therefore practice a lot before jumping on to the real game. In addition to this, at online roulette, you can play for free and with money as well. Happy playing folks!




There are so many varieties of Keluaran Sgp games that are present in a casino that at times it becomes hard to decide that where should we try our luck or our skill. There are certain fundamentals that should be remembers in case of all the games in a casino if you want to survive well and do good to earn yourself some profit. But there are some notes that need to be taken based on the game you are about to play. Some games depend on skill and some games are based on luck.For example, bingo is a game that is based on luck. If you want to have a chance of winning, you can have a go at online bingo Even if you enter counting on your luck, there are certain points that should be kept in mind by you so that you do not fall for the fatal turns of the system of gambling. In the following points, specialized information is put forth in a consolidated manner for each game separately so that you can be prepared before signing up for that game.









This is a popular Chinese gambling game played with one set of dominoes; do not confuse it with Pai Gow poker. Pai Gow Poker is a game created in California to get around gambling laws played with a deck of regular cards and very elaborate rules.


Pai Gow means “make nine” and it is the original version of Baccarat or Chemin de Fer.


The Woodpile

The woodpile is four tiles high and eight tiles long. The first hand is determined by throwing three dice. Each player is dealt a stack of four tiles from the woodpile. The house starts the game as the bank, but then can pass the bank to other players, as in Baccarat.


Goal of the Game

The goal of the game is to divide the four tiles into two pairs or hands. If both your pairs outrank those held by the bank then you win your bet. If both the bank’s pairs outrank yours then you lose your bet. If one of your pairs outranks those held by the bank and the other does not then the hand is a draw and you get your money back.


Ranking Your Hand

Ranking your hand is a bit complicated, so let’s start with the easy stuff first. There are 992 possible hands if you just do the straight math, but because of the duplicate tiles and the fact that order does not matter, there are actually fewer possible hands. Numeric order has little to do with the ranking of hands; it is symbolism and not substance. The hands are scored on Ingatbola88 as follows:


Gee Joon


The highest possible pair is the Gee Joon (“supreme pair”), which is made up of the two tiles:


4-2 and 2-1


The 4-2 and 2-1 are the two “wild cards” in the woodpile, and can be used as either a 3 or a 6 when making pairs (i.e. they substitute for each other). This is not the same rule that Western card games use, where a wild card substitutes for any card.




Under the Gee Joon are the pairs (Bo), which can be made up of matched or unmatched tiles that have the same totals. In order of rank from high to low, they are:


Pair Name

6-6 & 6-6 Heaven

1-1 & 1-1 Earth

4-4 & 4-4 Man

3-1 & 3-1 Goose

5-5 & 5-5 Flower

3-3 & 3-3 Long

2-2 & 2-2 Board

6-5 & 6-5 Hatchet

6-4 & 6-4 Partition

6-1 & 6-1 Long Leg Seven

5-1 & 5-1 Big Head Six

6-3 & 5-4 Jaap Gow – mixed nine

6-2 & 5-3 Jaap Bart – mixed eight

5-2 & 4-3 Jaap Chut – mixed seven

4-1 & 3-2 Jaap Ng – mixed five

There is no numeric order to this ranking, so you just have to learn them.




The next level of hands beneath the Bo are called Wongs. They are a nine paired with a double six or double one. The double six combinations outrank the double one combinations.


6-6 6-3

6-6 5-4

1-1 6-3

1-1 5-4



The third level of hands are called Gongs. They are a eight paired with a double six or double one. The double six combinations outrank the double one combinations.


6-6 5-3

6-6 4-4

1-1 5-3

1-1 4-4

Other Hands


If you do not have any of these hands, then add up all the pips on the two tiles and take the total, modulus ten (i.e. keep the last digit of the total as your score). This is the part that is like Baccarat.


Breaking Ties


After all of this, in the event of a tie, the ranking is settled based on individual tile values. From high to low the tiles are ranked and named:



Tile(s) Name

6-6 Teen

1-1 Day

4-4 Yun

3-1 Gor

5-5 Mooy

3-3 Chong

2-2 Bon

6-5 Foo

6-4 Ping

6-1 Tit

5-1 Look

6-3 & 5-4 Gow

6-2 & 5-3 Bot

6-1 & 5-2 Chu

4-2 Luk (part of Gee Joon)

4-1 Ng

3-2 Ng

2-1 Saam (part of Gee Joon)

The 4-2 and 2-1 tiles are scored by how they are played, but they are the lowest ranking single tiles.


Tips for Playing


About 80% of the time, you should play your hand by using the following strategy:


  1. Look for pairs and look for unmatched pairs which are harder to see.
  2. Play the 6-6 or 1-1 with any tile totaling 7, 8 or 9.
  3. Play the two smallest tiles that total to 7, 8 or 9.

Every hand can be played three different ways, so be careful. Getting a very good high hand can lead to a very weak low hand and result in a tie. However, a more balanced high and low hand can result in a win.


For example, assume are dealt 5-6, 3-2, 6-4, and 4-3. This can be played as:


  1. 5-6 & 6-4 = one; 4-3 & 3-2 = two
  2. 5-6 & 3-2 = six; 6-4 & 4-3 = seven
  3. 5-6 & 4-3 = eight; 6-4 & 3-2 = five

Clearly, option (1) is the worst hand. But (2) is better balanced than (3) even though it has a weaker low hand.




Online Casino


Online Casino Boxing – It’s Types,Tips and Top Site to place BetOnline Casino Boxing – It’s Types,Tips and Top Site to place Bet



Boxing and betting are closely associated and people definitely love to place their money on boxing betting. During the 70’s, people were going away from this activity due to fight fixing and awful decisions made by the judges. But, things have changed now and people are now betting on boxing is as popular as any other kind of betting.



Basics and Types



The basic aspect of boxing betting is to predict the winner of a match or a tournament. Draw is rarely a possibility in this sports game; therefore everything depends upon the money line. In boxing betting, if the bookmaker has assigned -170 on the favorite boxer and +150 on the underdog then it means that you would have to bet with $170 if you wish to win $100 by betting on the favorite, and if you bet with $100 on the underdog then you could $150. So, this is the basic aspect of betting in boxing. Now, take a look at the different types of bets in boxing:


Money Line Bet: This is the most basic and simplest type of bet in boxing where you have to predict the winner of the match.


Draw Bet: These types of bet offers huge winning amount but come the odds associated are quite low. Here you have to predict if the match would end up as a draw.


Under Round Bet: In this bet you have to predict whether the match would last shorter or longer than expected. It is based on the number of rounds.


Stoppage Bet or KO: In this bet you have to predict that the boxing match will be stopped by the referee or by knockout. Quite obviously, not a usual bet to come across.


Strategy or Tips



When it comes to boxing betting tips, the most crucial one is to never underestimate a player just because you never heard of him. Many times it has been seen that the underdog wins the match. Secondly, you should pay heed to the style of fighting. Match-up the fighting style of the two boxers as this will help you to figure out who might win. Most importantly, keep yourself updated with the latest form of the boxes, i.e. his present Online Casino performance. Keep a track of his last few performances and check if he has brought some changes in his playing style.



Top 3 Boxing Betting Sites


Bet Online

Top Bet

Odds Maker


Top 3 Boxing Betting Apps


Bet Victor


Sky Bet



Togel Hongkong


Bodog Casino Expands Extensive Togel Hongkong Game SelectionBodog Casino Expands Extensive Togel Hongkong Game Selection



Bodog.com is proud to announce the addition of more than 20 new casino games to its already extensive offerings. With fun new slots and video poker games like China MegaWild Slots and Face The Ace Video Poker, alongside a slew of specialty games like Jackpot7 and Bingo Scratch, the Bodog.com Casino has something for everyone, across all limits, high and low. With the addition of these new games to Bodog.com’s existing game offerings, the ability to play on either the Flash based web-client, downloadable desktop client, and on the road via Bodog Mobile Casino, combined with Bodog’s over 15 years of industry experience, competitive bonuses and promotions, and industry leading 24/7/365 customer service, Bodog has all your online gaming needs covered.


“We’re very happy with the addition of over twenty new games to the Bodog.com Online Casino,” says Morris Mohawk Gaming Group CEO Alwyn Morris. “Over the coming months the Bodog.com Casino will continue to expand as more and more new games are added to the roster. Many of these new games are being added as a direct result of feedback we’ve received from Bodog.com Casino players, so we’re especially excited to see and hear their reactions.”


The Complete List of New games includes:

New Slots at Bodog: Archipelago, Atlantis Dive, China MegaWild, Freaky Fruits, Freaky Gym, Fruit Salad Jackpot, Gold in Bars, Hot 7’s, Mexican Slots, Mystic Slots, Olympic Slots, Party Night, Pirate Slots, Spin the World, Summer Dream, Totem Quest


New Specialty Games: Bingo Scratch, Bonus Cards, Jackpot7, Lucky Wheel, Poker Bet, Potshot, RollUp, and Soccer Shot


Iron Cross Betting in Craps


Iron Cross Betting: This involves that you will win on any number except a seven being rolled. It requires a bigger bankroll and you will not want your money exposed for very long, maybe 3 or 4 hits and then take it all down or change your bet to a smaller place 6|8 bet. Here is how to do it.


After a point is established (important, it will not work on the come out) Place 34 dollars in the Come Box and tell the dealer “Place the 6|8 for 12 dollars, Place the 5 for 10 dollars”. Then you will need to put another 5 dollars on the field box. Here are the results below


2 = +10

3 = +5

4 = +5

5 = +9 (you will win 14, but lose the field -5, replace the field bet)

6 = +9 (you will win 14, but lose the field -5, replace the field bet)

8 = +9 (you will win 14, but lose the field -5, replace the field bet)

9 = +5

10 = +5

11 = +5

12 = +10 or +15 (depends on double or triple table)


7 = -39 (it wipes out everything)


You can see why you would only want Togel Hongkong out there on 3 or 4 rolls as the 7 wipes you out, but you can use this to win some money and then turn around and remove all your bets and then place a smaller bet with your winnings like a six dollar 6|8. Statistically, it isn’t the greatest betting system with a 3.24% house edge, but Iron cross betting is great for players who like lots of action and want to win frequently.


Judi Online





Are you looking to play some of the best casino games? Here you have a right opportunity to enjoy the best online casino games with us.


Gambling has always provided the best entertainment activity for people since ages. Its existence in different formats has captured attention of people from different parts of the globe. Land based casinos offer a great atmosphere that is lively and happening. However, it is difficult for many to enter a casino, as they are located at different parts in different countries. At the same time, evolution of Internet created a medium that helped casinos to use the virtual place to bring in millions of people on board who have been waiting to enter the world of casino. Online casinos are offering all the entertainment that a player wishes to receive.


There are many websites over the internet offering the best gaming experience for a player. A beginner can find it difficult to choose the best. It is at this point that they have to consider the reviews, signup bonuses and no deposit bonuses offered by various websites. They will help a beginner to play a game at the site and understand about the experience, support and payout percentage. This is a good way to start and enter the world of gambling. In addition, it is essential for a player to make sure that they have all the knowledge on a game to place a bet. Apart from practice, implementing strategies from time to time is a great way to take a lead in a game and win it big. Flexibility and entertainment at fingertips offered by gaming websites is capturing attention of millions across the globe.




Finding a reputed online casino over the Internet is a difficult job. Following a very simple procedure, a new gambler can find the best casino that offers excellent gambling experience. In order to attract customers, various online casinos offer huge attractive bonuses. These bonuses are helpful to understand the gaming structure and experience offered by a particular website. However, the bonuses should be compared to that of physical casinos to make sure that they are offering good value and have good reputation in the market. Judi Online casinos offer multifarious casino games. Availability of software has made it possible to develop various games. It is now possible for a player to indulge in gambling while selecting a game. In addition, understanding the rules and regulations is essential to place a bet on a game.


It is important to look out for a casino that is a reputed and protects the details of a customer. Apart from this, a few websites accept players from different locations of the globe. However, few casino sites do not accept US players. It is important to understand this fact before going in for a membership program. Going through the reviews will also help understand the professional experience provided by a casino. All these factors play a critical role in selecting the right online casino. In the end, a player can experience real-time gambling ambience over the Internet when they have opted for the right casino that provides best customer experience, customer support, protection and encrypted transaction of funds.



Bitcoin Dice


Webpage stop – Bitcoin Dice game to be seeWebpage stop – Bitcoin Dice game to be see



Words, you say? Those pesky numbered pages? Yes, those. While games are wondrous story-fuel to spark our imaginations, you can’t get better than a good book to scratch those narrative itches. Here’s a collection of texts to follow your favourite games when you fancy getting a little more analogue. And don’t worry if you’re not into the whole physical media thing, they’re all readily available on those digital readers you pretend to hate so much. Happy reading.


The Girl With All The Gifts – MR Carey


If you have nightmares about The Last Of Us’ Cordyceps virus, then the worst possible thing you could do would be to read this book. So what are you waiting for? The Girl With All The Gifts might have a sweet yellow cover but these pages hold a beautifully grim apocalypse where the world swarms with ‘Hungries,’ those infected with the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis virus.


This is the story of ten year old Melanie, who is rather different from her peers in a slightly more deadly way than Ellie’s natural immunity from the virus. There’s plenty of moral parallels to draw though and the concentration on characters makes a wonderful change from the often one dimensional stars of zombie stories. The relationship between Melanie and her teacher, Helen Justineau, is very different to Joel and Ellie’s fraught friendship but no less affecting. The whole idea of this feature might be to get you to read but a movie adaptation, She Who Brings Gifts, starring Glenn Close and Gemma Arterton is on the way.


There Will Come Soft Rains – Ray Bradbury


You don’t ever need an excuse to pick up a Ray Bradbury book – go, now – but this short story, that features in collection The Martian Chronicles, is a perfectly poignant follow up to your Wasteland adventures. Written in 1950 during the tense post WW2 period where nuclear war was a very real threat after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the story is the heartbreaking tale of a robotically controlled house in 2026.


Cleaning, cooking and managing, the clockwork activity of the house gradually unfolds and we start to realise that something isn’t quite right. To say too much would be to spoil the poignant story on offer here but there’s many comparisons to poor Codsworth and his obsessive cleaning of a half destroyed house in Fallout 4. The story takes its name from Sara Teasdale’s 1920’s poem of the same title which you’ll actually find Mister Handy reading in Fallout 3. Unnerving, sad and essential sci-fi from the master himself.


The Devil In The White City – Erik Larson


This isn’t quite BioShock Infinite 2 but it’s worth noting in this list regardless as this non-fiction book was on Irrational’s recommended reading list before starting work on Booker’s adventures in Columbia. Much like Infinite itself, it starts out as a story of wonder as Chicago wins the right to hold the World’s Fair in 1893 before descending into darkness as the criminal of the century starts his deadly work. While the leading architects of the time worked on the so called ‘White City’ for the world to see, a far darker force was at work in Chicago: H.H Holmes.


You might not have heard of one of America’s most prolific serial killers but Holmes is responsible for what could be up to 200 murders. There’s no nice way of explaining his crimes in which he built his own hotel, nicknamed ‘The Murder Castle,’ complete with gas chambers built into rooms and a human sized ‘kiln’ in the basement for burning the results of his activities. The juxtaposition of both stories is incredible and Holmes is catastrophically despicable. He also has the problem of being, y’know, real.


The Great Stink – Clare Clark


Creative director of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Marc-Alexis Cote told me that if he could have Bitcoin Dice, he would’ve linked up a smell generator to the PS4 and Xbox One to properly recreate Victorian London. While I’m exceptionally glad he didn’t, there’s something completely fascinating about the idea of a city creating such an abominable smell that its citizens literally could no longer live with the putrid scent of sewage from an archaic water system.


The Great Stink is the fictitious story of the grim underground of London’s sewers and the story of a man who returns from the Crimean War only to discover a corpse in a tunnel. His journey introduces him to Tom, a man who can literally identify the multiple scent layers of the dismal underground. It’s a fascinating tale from the very bowels of London and a corking thriller to boot. Jacob and Evie, who?


Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand


Another BioShock related title to add to the reading list but this time far more directly. Not only is Atlas the name of the first character you encounter within Rapture on your radio, but Andrew Ryan is literally based on Atlas Shrugged author Ayn Rand – yes, it’s no accident that their names are almost an anagram. Rand and Ryan both escaped the Soviet Union to be free of Communism, only to find themselves forced to create their own perfect cities. Ryan created Rapture while Rand created Atlantis in her novel.


There are plenty more parallels to Rand’s 4th philosophical sci-fi book too. Signs saying ‘Who is Atlas?’ can be found scattered across Rapture, while similar ‘Who is John Galt?’ can be found in the pages of Atlas Shrugged. The novel can’t be easily described but it crosses the genres of sci-fi, mystery and romance and furthers Rand’s theory of Objectivism. This is a philosophical stance that sees humans aiming to only pursue their own desires and happiness, regardless of its cost to others. Something that Andrew Ryan wholeheartedly agrees with.




โบนัสฝากเงินให้ผู้เล่น ใหม่





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