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Boxing and betting are closely associated and people definitely love to place their money on boxing betting. During the 70’s, people were going away from this activity due to fight fixing and awful decisions made by the judges. But, things have changed now and people are now betting on boxing is as popular as any other kind of betting.



Basics and Types



The basic aspect of boxing betting is to predict the winner of a match or a tournament. Draw is rarely a possibility in this sports game; therefore everything depends upon the money line. In boxing betting, if the bookmaker has assigned -170 on the favorite boxer and +150 on the underdog then it means that you would have to bet with $170 if you wish to win $100 by betting on the favorite, and if you bet with $100 on the underdog then you could $150. So, this is the basic aspect of betting in boxing. Now, take a look at the different types of bets in boxing:


Money Line Bet: This is the most basic and simplest type of bet in boxing where you have to predict the winner of the match.


Draw Bet: These types of bet offers huge winning amount but come the odds associated are quite low. Here you have to predict if the match would end up as a draw.


Under Round Bet: In this bet you have to predict whether the match would last shorter or longer than expected. It is based on the number of rounds.


Stoppage Bet or KO: In this bet you have to predict that the boxing match will be stopped by the referee or by knockout. Quite obviously, not a usual bet to come across.


Strategy or Tips



When it comes to boxing betting tips, the most crucial one is to never underestimate a player just because you never heard of him. Many times it has been seen that the underdog wins the match. Secondly, you should pay heed to the style of fighting. Match-up the fighting style of the two boxers as this will help you to figure out who might win. Most importantly, keep yourself updated with the latest form of the boxes, i.e. his present Online Casino performance. Keep a track of his last few performances and check if he has brought some changes in his playing style.



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