InstaPlay Technology Debuts at Cherry สล็อต SA Gaming แตกง่าย Casino

สล็อต SA Gaming แตกง่าย

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Swedish software developer Net Entertainment NE AB launched Cherry Casino ( this week rolling out their new InstaPlay technology. The company says the new feature “will revolutionize the no-download Java gaming experience and catapult online gaming into the next century.”

Net Entertainment created InstaPlay in an effort to combine the advantages of downloadable casino software with the advantages of a Java casino. Instead of waiting for the Java games to download into the browser each time you go to the site, InstaPlay allows your browser to automatically recall the game and load it nearly instantaneously.

“InstaPlay effectively allows a user to play the สล็อต SA Gaming แตกง่าย games they desire immediately and without occupying much of the computer’s hard drive or disk space,” says a Net Entertainment press release. “The freedom that follows with this technology will change the way Java games are delivered and negate the benefits of downloading 15 MB of entertainment software onto the consumer’s home PC.”

Downloadable casino software can take up to 45 minutes to download, but allows you to play the games at a moment’s notice. Java games don’t require any space on your hard drive, but usually take a considerably longer time to initialize each time you want to play. InstaPlay does not need to be downloaded; it installs automatically once the user indicates he or she wants this feature and allows the initialization of the Java games to occur within seconds.

All of Cherry Casino’s games will carry the InstaPlay option. The selection of games on Cherry Casino includes blackjack, roulette, slots, video poker, keno, scratch tickets, pull tabs, and a stylized horse racing game. is licensed to operate as an Internet casino by the country of Costa Rica.

Net Gambling Prohibition Bill Fails to Advance

US legislation aimed at prohibiting Internet gambling failed to be enacted into law in the current Congressional term, which adjourned on Friday. The US legislation failed to advance beyond the House of Representatives, resulting in the Bill’s ultimate demise.

The Kyl/Goodlatte Bill, aimed at banning Internet casinos offered within the United States, has encountered considerable controversy throughout the legislative process. Groups ranging from members of Congress, privacy advocates, banks, ISPs to the Justice Department and the White House have characterized the Bill as unenforceable and a hindrance to Internet growth. The Bill has now failed in two congressional sessions and continues to face formidable opposition.

“This is an important day for everyone who believes in a regulated environment for Internet gaming,” said Andrew Rivkin, president and CEO of CryptoLogic, a leading provider of software to the online gambling industry.

Some industry insiders believe that Internet gambling, which is a billion dollar industry, may have become too big to successfully prohibit. Internet gaming is estimated to grow to more than US$6 billion by 2003. Currently, there are 50 government jurisdictions that permit some form of Internet gaming and that number continues to rise.

This year, Las Vegas operators such as MGM and Harrah’s have started offering play-for-fun/play-for-prizes casino sites and are positioning themselves for the regulation of Internet gaming. New Jersey and Nevada State legislators have begun to draft bills aimed at legalizing and regulating online casinos. As well, the UK Gaming Board has recommended the introduction of a regulatory framework.