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InstaPlay Technology Debuts at Cherry สล็อต SA Gaming แตกง่าย CasinoInstaPlay Technology Debuts at Cherry สล็อต SA Gaming แตกง่าย Casino

Swedish software developer Net Entertainment NE AB launched Cherry Casino ( this week rolling out their new InstaPlay technology. The company says the new feature “will revolutionize the no-download Java gaming experience and catapult online gaming into the next century.”

Net Entertainment created InstaPlay in an effort to combine the advantages of downloadable casino software with the advantages of a Java casino. Instead of waiting for the Java games to download into the browser each time you go to the site, InstaPlay allows your browser to automatically recall the game and load it nearly instantaneously.

“InstaPlay effectively allows a user to play the สล็อต SA Gaming แตกง่าย games they desire immediately and without occupying much of the computer’s hard drive or disk space,” says a Net Entertainment press release. “The freedom that follows with this technology will change the way Java games are delivered and negate the benefits of downloading 15 MB of entertainment software onto the consumer’s home PC.”

Downloadable casino software can take up to 45 minutes to download, but allows you to play the games at a moment’s notice. Java games don’t require any space on your hard drive, but usually take a considerably longer time to initialize each time you want to play. InstaPlay does not need to be downloaded; it installs automatically once the user indicates he or she wants this feature and allows the initialization of the Java games to occur within seconds.

All of Cherry Casino’s games will carry the InstaPlay option. The selection of games on Cherry Casino includes blackjack, roulette, slots, video poker, keno, scratch tickets, pull tabs, and a stylized horse racing game. is licensed to operate as an Internet casino by the country of Costa Rica.

Net Gambling Prohibition Bill Fails to Advance

US legislation aimed at prohibiting Internet gambling failed to be enacted into law in the current Congressional term, which adjourned on Friday. The US legislation failed to advance beyond the House of Representatives, resulting in the Bill’s ultimate demise.

The Kyl/Goodlatte Bill, aimed at banning Internet casinos offered within the United States, has encountered considerable controversy throughout the legislative process. Groups ranging from members of Congress, privacy advocates, banks, ISPs to the Justice Department and the White House have characterized the Bill as unenforceable and a hindrance to Internet growth. The Bill has now failed in two congressional sessions and continues to face formidable opposition.

“This is an important day for everyone who believes in a regulated environment for Internet gaming,” said Andrew Rivkin, president and CEO of CryptoLogic, a leading provider of software to the online gambling industry.

Some industry insiders believe that Internet gambling, which is a billion dollar industry, may have become too big to successfully prohibit. Internet gaming is estimated to grow to more than US$6 billion by 2003. Currently, there are 50 government jurisdictions that permit some form of Internet gaming and that number continues to rise.

This year, Las Vegas operators such as MGM and Harrah’s have started offering play-for-fun/play-for-prizes casino sites and are positioning themselves for the regulation of Internet gaming. New Jersey and Nevada State legislators have begun to draft bills aimed at legalizing and regulating online casinos. As well, the UK Gaming Board has recommended the introduction of a regulatory framework.…

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Casino Fortune Drops Microgaming, Selects Situs Judi Slot PlaytechCasino Fortune Drops Microgaming, Selects Situs Judi Slot Playtech

Casino Fortune, a division of the Sunny Group of Companies, announced today that it has discontinued using Microgaming’s casino software and selected Playtech as its new software provider. According to a Sunny Group press release, the decision comes after “being unable to resolve concerns in relation to the percentage associated with its Microgaming software.”

In the press release Sunny Group also alleged that there may be problems with Microgaming’s random number, even though the data was audited by a third party, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“Casino Fortune is asking that a truly independent auditing company be called in to verify the accuracy of payout percentages quoted. There should also be proof that the random number generator used by Microgaming is truly random and not susceptible to manipulation by the software provider…. The auditing company confirms that the generator consistently produces random numbers and is a fair basis for the outcome of games that have been played. Presently, Casino Fortune is not convinced that this is accurate.”

UPDATE – 27 MAR 2002 – Microgaming issued the following press release:

Microgaming regrets to announce that the Software Licence Agreement with the Sunny Group of companies (which operates Casino Fortune, Mapau and Miami Beach Casino) has been terminated.

Sunny Group has not been settling its outstanding licensing fees for some time, and its current licensing fees were severely in arrears. Microgaming was left with no alternative but to terminate the Software Licence Agreement with the Sunny Group. Notice of the termination was given and confirmed by Microgaming’s lawyers.

Microgaming and the Sunny Group have had a long relationship. The termination was not taken lightly and was done with a heavy heart.

Microgaming is doing everything possible to assist the Sunny Group of casinos to finalise its data so that it can pay out its players.

Microgaming has noted a press announcement from Sunny Group, stating that the licence was terminated by the Sunny Group, and citing a variety of spurious grounds for this. The allegations made in support of these grounds in the release, are quite simply false, and are known to the Sunny Group to be false. Microgaming regrets that the Sunny Group has sought to hide its financial embarrassment in this manner.

Microgaming Terminates Sunny Group License

Microgaming regrets to announce that the Software Licence Agreement with the Sunny Group of companies (which operates Casino Fortune, Mapau and Miami Beach Casino) has been terminated.

Sunny Group has not been settling its outstanding licensing fees for some time, and its current licensing fees were severely in arrears. Microgaming was left with no alternative but to terminate the Software Licence Agreement with the Sunny Group. Notice of the termination was given and confirmed by Microgaming’s lawyers.

Microgaming and the Sunny Group have had a long relationship. The termination was not taken lightly and was done with a heavy heart.

Microgaming is doing everything about Situs Judi Slot possible to assist the Sunny Group of casinos to finalise its data so that it can pay out its players.

icrogaming has noted a press announcement from Sunny Group, stating that the licence was terminated by the Sunny Group, and citing a variety of spurious grounds for this. The allegations made in support of these grounds in the release, are quite simply false, and are known to the Sunny Group to be false. Microgaming regrets that the Sunny Group has sought to hide its financial embarrassment in this manner.…

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TV Poker’s Rising StakesTV Poker’s Rising Stakes



World Poker Tour founder Steve Lipscomb has seen his brainchild become a ratings hit. Now he has to beat the imitators

Steve Lipscomb may not have ventured into TV poker with the strongest hand, but so far he’s winning the jackpot. The former stand-up comic and lawyer started with a simple idea for turning a static card game into televised entertainment. He didn’t invent the technique that lets viewers see players’ cards or forge a deal with the hottest TV network. Yet his World Poker Tour series, launched in March, 2003, has become a ratings smash on the Travel Channel and a trendsetter in the industry.

Lipscomb’s secret: He turned poker into a slickly produced reality show. Viewers can follow the action, get close to the wacky characters populating poker rooms, pick up tips, or enjoy a chuckle from the sardonic commentary on the sidelines. “It’s dazzling, like you’re on a movie set,” says Antonio Esfandiari, 26, who won $1.4 million in a WPT tournament last season.

Certainly, Lipscomb has had other aces in the hole. One is his chairman and primary investor, Lyle Berman, CEO of Minnetonka (Minn.)-based casino operator Lakes Entertainment (LACO ), which owns 80% of WPT. Berman, a veteran poker player who was a driving force in the growth of gambling on Native American reservations, met Lipscomb in late 2001 at a World Series of Poker event. He liked Lipscomb’s business plan and was taken by his unrelenting enthusiasm.

UPPING THE ANTE.  Lake’s initial $4 million investment allowed Lipscomb to lock in key tournaments at more than a dozen of the country’s hottest casinos. “If someone like Steve were to come to us now, I’m not sure we would give him exclusive rights,” says Vikrant Bhargava, general manager of, which has its annual multimillion-dollar event aired on WPT. As Ian Valentine, senior vice-president for programming at GSN (formerly the Game Show Network), notes: “Lipscomb has essentially locked up a set of events that people have to play at.”

Now, WPT Enterprises (WPTE ) — the Judi Qq company its buoyant 43-year-old founder took public last August — is playing for even higher stakes. The success of the series, which launched its third season on Mar. 2, has spawned numerous competitors at networks such as ESPN (DIS ) and NBC (GE ) that boast greater reach and cachet than the Travel Channel (see BW Online, 3/10/05, “Kings, Queens, and Jokers”). That makes it tougher for WPT to maintain its dominance and puts consumers at risk of poker overload in the face of ubiquitous coverage. No wonder Lipscomb is racing to move beyond WPT’s $10 million- to $12 million-a-year TV deal and make money from greater global distribution, online betting, a new Professional Poker Tour series, and licensing deals.

After all, the time appears right to make multiple bets on the game. It’s hot with college kids and celebrities, and it’s the fastest-growing segment of the $10 billion Internet gambling industry. Many of the country’s top casinos, which once treated poker as the poor country cousin to craps and roulette, now report double-digit growth in the number of poker tables. Nielsen Media Research recorded 1.1 million viewers for WPT’s Mar. 2 show — impressive for a channel that reaches only 79 million households and is tough to find on the dial.

LOGGING ON.  Meanwhile, the World Series of Poker drew a record 2,576 players last year, vs. about 830 in 2003, each needing $10,000 to participate in the main event. While officials continue to fret over what some see as the sinful nature of poker, and the Justice Dept. continues to crack down on Internet gambling, advertisers seem to be getting comfortable with gambling shows. “Poker has become good fun entertainment,” says Peter McLoughlin, a spokesman for Anheuser Busch (BUD ).

Few are more convinced of poker’s potential than Lipscomb, an ambitious middle child from Knoxville, Tenn., whose Southern Baptist grandmother taught him the finer points of the game at age 8. He has already sold the show in 57 countries and hopes to see that tally reach 200 in the next few years. His outfit is licensing everything from playing cards and $500 poker sets to slot machines and video poker games.

But the big bet comes in the next few months, when WPT will move into online gaming with offshore partner Wagerworks, in part to work around the crackdown by federal officials on U.S. residents making bets on the Net. WPT Chief Financial Officer Todd Steele says the business “has the potential to be critical to our revenues.”

Lipscomb recognizes that 2005 is the year that WPT has to prove it’s not just lucky but, as he puts it, “real and long-term.” For starters, he needs to keep ramping up revenues. On Mar. 8, WPT posted full-year earnings of $681,000 on sales of $17.6 million, vs. a loss of $351,000 on sales of $4.3 million in 2003.

GOLD STANDARD. . Those results may not seem like much, but Nicholas Danna of Birmingham (Ala.)-based brokerage Sterne, Agee & Leach has a buy rating on the stock because he thinks 2004 is the first chapter in what’s likely to be a lucrative marque. “This is the company that branded poker,” says Danna. Lipscomb is trying to stack the odds this season, with a prize pool of more than $70 million and flashier sets and graphics.

But the table is getting crowded. Among the shows competing for eyeballs are Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown, Poker Superstars on Fox Sports Network (NWS ), GSN’s Poker Royale: Battle of the Sexes, and the National Heads-Up Poker Championship on NBC. Then there are startups such as Casino & Gaming Television and Edge TV. But the biggest threat is ESPN, which airs the popular World Series of Poker. It’s expanding coverage of the game and even has a fictional poker series, Tilt, on the way.

For Lipscomb, the Holy Grail is to have the WPT become what the NBA and PGA are to their sports — the gold standard for players and fans. With an estimated 50 million poker players in the U.S. alone, it’s likely that TV poker is here to stay. But Lipscomb and his World Poker Tour have a ways to go before they convert some big pots into a straight-flush global franchise.…

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Waiting for Qiu Qiu HenmanWaiting for Qiu Qiu Henman

With BBCI in on the tv action I knew the Henman game from Roland Garros would be shown in full so decided to wait for it. Had a lot to do today and was pleased rain held up the games so I could get other stuff out the way.

Too much rain though so ended up having a very quick dip into the Nalbandian v Gasquet game while waiting for Henman – hence the £7.45. Hey, I said it was a quick!!

“Tiger” finally made it onto the court and it was a disaster. Ended up bailing out of my too long-held position for red shortly after game 2 when he was broken and with Tursunov on fire. Henman didn’t actually play too badly but the game just wasn’t a contest with the Russian’s power hitting. Awesome stuff.

Worked on reducing the red sensibly rather than just lumping on Tursonov. But at 2-0 as bad light stopped pay it’s looking bleak. The risk-averse way I’m reducing the red means realistically I need Henman to equal the match to get back to a decent all green Qiu Qiu position. Either that or have some lumpy bets (which would leave Henman large red with a small Trusonov green) but that isn’t what this is about. I’ve a set bank and would rather take a managable loss than lump everything on the Russian and hope he wins. Because although I’m sure he will there will come a time when he obviously won’t. And that would wipe out a large part of my profit to date. Long term success at this game is largely about control. This is a time to bite the bullet and exercise it.

Best result yet

Had my eye on the Murray v Monfils match today as I knew Eurosport would finally show a whole match without interruption. And barring the fact that some ad breaks were obviously more important than the tennis they did. So was able to trade my first match from Roland Garros properly.

Match itself was amazing. 3rd set was just a shocker. Murray, virtually unable to run, average 1st serve speed under 60mph and with a doctor on court took it 6-1. Monfils just fell apart. Couldn’t hit the ball in. Would have been funny if it hadn’t been so embarrassing.

Happy with the day’s profit. Still only using a small part of the challenge bankroll but today was my best day since I started the blog, and with £180.36 the Murray game was also my best event result to date on this blog. But if Murray had just quit when injured would have been looking at an extra £600. Will get a retirement go my way soon!!

Dipped into the Safin v Gonzalez game too. Entertaining to watch and another opportunity for those who still haven’t seen it to watch Safin lose it and work his way through some more tennis rackets with his alternative smash technique.

It seems he still hadn’t cooled down after the game either prefering to pay a fine rather than attend the post match press conference.


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Suwon Splutter While Seongnam Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya SoarSuwon Splutter While Seongnam Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya Soar



It has been a strange K-League season. The constant stopping and starting has robbed the competition of any momentum. A series of World Cup qualifiers in May and June necessitated a break of a month and by the time play started again in July, the Olympic torch was lit in Beijing and tools were downed once Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya more.


Beijing 2008 will receive barely a footnote in the annals of South Korean football history. The draw, defeat and win may have been a better record than any other Asian nation managed in China, including the hosts, but it still meant that the team returned home at the end of the first round.


Coach Park Sung-hwa is escaping to study in England. The one-time Busan boss is a man with many friends in the upper echelons of the Seoul media but couldn’t escape a good deal of criticism. What made it worse, for football fans at least, was the fact that the baseball team returned across the Yellow Sea with gold and met with a heroes welcome.


The 2002 World Cup gave the world the understandable, but misleading, impression that South Korea was a football mad country. It is not. Baseball is more popular. Even before the gold, television ratings are usually around 60% higher for the average baseball match and attendances tend to be higher.


Those Olympic events, coupled with the plodding performances of the senior national team, have led certain sections of the media to say that football is in crisis. Again, it is not but the K-League has some work to do to work its way to somewhere near the hearts and minds of the locals.


Not in Suwon though – the city is still a strong football bedrock in the Land of the Morning Calm. The Bluewings regularly play in front of 30,000 or more and 2008 has been a season to remember for those followers. They watched their team put together a record-breaking 11 match winning streak that sent them nine points clear at the top. If it wasn’t for the play-off system and the fact that there aren’t really bookies in Korea in the English sense, the bookies would have considered paying out.


Suwon players in happier days


To say it has all gone wrong is an overstatement. With three-quarters of the regular season over, Suwon are level on points at the top with Seongnam Ilwha Chunma but the aura of invincibility disappeared in July along with the monsoon weather. A 1-0 defeat at the hands of the struggling Daejeon Citizen was a surprise rather than a shock – Daejeon have a good record against the three-time champions – but what followed was a defeat at home by the same scoreline to rivals Seongnam.


Suddenly the goals from star strikers Edu, Shin Young-rok and Seo Dong-hyun dried up. Only a last-minute strike against bottom club Busan avoided a shock defeat and while Suwon are still guaranteed a play-off spot, form must improve if a fourth title is on the cards. The news that star summer signing Lee Chun-soo is injured doesn’t help.


In five games, Suwon have collected just four points. Every team has a blip and as it comes after a run of 33 from 33, it is not a disaster but in the meantime, Seongnam have been on fire. The seven-time champions have won six out of their last seven.


Despite the broken rib of star striker Mota, Seongnam have barely broken their stride. Youngster Han Dong-won has chipped in with three goals in the last two games. Seongnam are looking fresh and confident while Suwon are spluttering. Worse for Suwon is the fact that bitter rivals FC Seoul are in good form and not that far behind in third.


If that doesn’t get the Bluewings fired up for this weekend’s clash on the southern island of Jeju, nothing will.





Asian Teams Bandarqq DisappointAsian Teams Bandarqq Disappoint



For those of thought Japan-Korea signalled the start of a new new hierarchy in world football Germany 2006 will demand a rethink.


Four years ago Senegal shocked France in the opening game and went on to the quarter-finals. Meanwhile Turkey and South Korea found their way to the last four while Argentina and France went home early. For all that the final was contested by the powerhouses Germany and Brazil and this year football’s old world teams have been dismissive of their new world challengers.


There are often demands to give more spaces to teams from Bandarqq Asia or Africa to make the World Cup a more global event but the results don’t back the argument up. All four Asian teams failed at the group stages, one of five Africans made it through and just Mexico from the four CONCAF teams squeaked out of their group only to run into the Argentineans.


The European and South American teams have been dominant each qualifying three-quarters of their entrants to the final sixteen. They weren’t especially troubled on the way as even the beleaguered French team managed a comfortable 2-0 victory over Togo when they had to. The Ivory Coast and South Korea offered some spirited resistance but only after they had fallen behind.


Each region must find their own solutions. Asia can take solace in their relative inexperience of their teams at this level, the progress their players have made in the past decade and the confidence players like Park Ji-Sung and Hideotoshi Nakata have shown playing with Europe’s best clubs. Iran, Japan and the Korea showed high standards of passing and organisation that gave them opportunities in every game they played while only the Saudis looked poor, unable to turn their wealth into results. But all teams from the Asian region struggled to cope with the physicality of the other nations and they need to come up with a system to negate more powerful opponents. The awesome levels of energy displayed by Korea in 2002 offer one answer but it is difficult to maintain this level over long periods.


The CONCAF region receives massive support from FIFA who are desperate to maintain strong markets in Mexico and the USA. FIFA give three and a half spots to CONCAF which all but guarantees qualification for Mexico and the US and their Byzantine ranking system rated these countries as the 4th and 5th best teams going into the World Cup. There’s nothing wrong with FIFA supporting football in the area but the extra spaces mean that the top teams are not challenged in qualifying while the high rankings breed false expectations and jealousy from other nations. Mexico gave Argentina a tough game but struggled through their group and team USA showed plenty of athleticism but little of the guile required at this level. The other teams, Costa Rica and Trinidad and Tobago added to the party but not much to the overall quality.


Africa will have the most hope for the future and can look forward to South Africa 2010 with some confidence. They qualified three new teams to the tournament this year, a good indicator of rising standards. Ghana came through a tough group with an all action style to become just the fifth African team to qualify for the final stages, and the absence of Essien from their last 16 clash with Brazil is a disappointment for neutrals everywhere. The Ivory Coast won plenty of admiration for their attacking intent and would surely have progressed from an easier group but some of their defending was suicidal against the quality of Argentina and Holland and they only turned it on after falling behind. Angola seemed overawed and Togo wrecked their chances by sacking the manager who saw them through to the finals, replacing him with an arrogant European and then fighting over how the spoils should be divvied up. The Tunisians met most expectations with their all-round dullness. Individually Africa can produce the players and the naivety seen in earlier tournaments is long gone as most top African players ply their trade across Europe but collectively the whole is less than the sum of the parts and we still await the African team that is not just dangerous but deadly.


The Europeans and South Americans have upped their standard this year. The worn-out adage that their are no easy games any more has finally been taken to heart with the top teams now more focused on and aware of their opponents than in the past. The new soccer nations need to match their effort and desire just to keep up but there is hope. Oceania’s one qualifier Australia have stormed the World Cup with little respect for reputation. The verve they have shown should be a beacon to emergent nations everywhere.





situs slot


$90,000,000 CASH Paid to Date on Situs Slot$90,000,000 CASH Paid to Date on Situs Slot



Jackpot Madness, the world’s #1 cash jackpot destination, has paid out over $90,000,000 to 2,878 winners since 1999. This massive amount includes two payments of over $1,000,000 in CASH to the lucky Major Millions millionaires. Setting online payout history continues to be an achievement for Jackpot Madness as they are quickly approaching the $100,000,000 cash payout milestone.


The 11 progressive games featured throughout the Jackpot Madness network have generated tremendous winner payouts since their inception. To date, the following situs slot amounts have been won on each progressive and paid out by Jackpot Madness:


  1. Treasure Nile $15,930,431.70
  2. CashSplash $15,686,610.68
  3. LotsaLoot $12,337,534.31
  4. Major Millions $5,792,149.71
  5. Fruit Fiesta $5,061,637.56
  6. WowPot $4,288,785.53
  7. SupaJax $3,027,455.74
  8. Jackpot Deuces $1,834,052.98
  9. CyberStud $1,304,741.69
  10. Triple Sevens $951,837.14
  11. RouletteRoyale $257,977.50


Keith F., a multiple winner on two progressives exclaimed, “I just could not believe that I had won so much on CashSplash – and only a week after I won Togel Singapore Supajax.” Keith won $225,818.10 on CashSplash on Mar. 15, 2003 at Lucky Nugget Casino, and one week earlier also won $23,704.76 on SupaJax, Mar. 6, 2003 at the same casino.


Marka H, recently won $15,198.48 on WowPot on Feb. 01, 2003 at The Gaming Club. She also won $16,581.32 on WowPot on Dec. 16, 2003. In addition, Marka won on Fruit Fiesta once, Jackpot Deuces once, and SupaJax three times. Her grand jackpot total to date is an impressive $222,804.60.


“I have done really well on the Jackpot Madness progressives. I used to frequent land casinos, but I never won nearly as much. Now I hardly ever go to a casino – it’s so much more comfortable and PROFITABLE for me to play at home,” said seven-time winner Marka.


Jennifer Nemirovsky, Press Agent for Jackpot Madness, commented, “If you take the average amount of money paid out to the 2,878 winners who won the $90,000,000, this is over $31,250. This average of over $31,000 cash to each winner is the highest of any game play portal on the web, further cementing Jackpot Madness’ position as the Web’s #1 Jackpot Destination bar none.”


About Jackpot Madness:

Jackpot Madness, run by Jumbo Jackpots of Curacao, is the world’s largest online progressive network. All the jackpots won on the casinos providing these games are offered through full, direct cash payouts – the only games on the Internet offering this benefit. The goal of the portal is to provide jackpot enthusiasts with a single destination offering a wide choice of progressives, featuring frequent payouts and record-breaking jackpots. The jackpot totals are “live” and Jackpot Madness provides constantly updated information together with links to over 70 casinos. Total payouts are over $90,000,000 and counting.








The federal government just can’t cope with Internet gambling.


In its latest misstep, the U.S. Justice Department has asked a Louisiana federal court to dismiss a lawsuit brought by that challenges the government’s crackdown the past year on advertising by Internet casinos.


If the government wins dismissal, it will only win postponement of an inevitable showdown in some other courtroom to resolve the question of whether and what sort of Internet gambling activity is illegal in the United States.


Uncle Sam’s main weapon in trying to squelch Internet gambling is a federal law from the 1960s that predates the Internet. Throw in the hopeless mash of 50 states’ statutes on the subject and you have the current environment of legal chaos.


Congress has debated cyber-gambling legislation for years, to no avail.


Congress similarly for years has debated proposed changes to the National Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Interested in Thailand Casino and คาสิโนออนไลน์เครดิตฟรี


Ambiguities, loopholes and other shortcomings in that 1988 law have likewise spawned a cottage industry of tribal gaming law litigators getting rich arguing over the fine print in that statutory pot of stew.


Don’t misunderstand this enthusiastic drubbing of Congress as an endorsement of Internet gambling. Hardly.


Some companies in the shadowy world of cyber-gambling have cleaned up their acts in recent years.


But in this corner of the newspaper it is still considered the height of lunacy to place a wager in cyberspace when the outcome is wholly in the hands of off-shore casino bosses and bookies unfettered by U.S. regulation and beyond the reach of U.S. law.


Besides that economic risk, gambling at home, probably alone, is unhealthy at best and akin to drinking alone. Not much good can come of it, with addiction the constant threat.


With all that said, it is also lunacy for Congress to continue pretending it can outlaw and police Internet gambling.


The industry’s Canadian-based Interactive Gaming Council estimates that thousands of cyber casinos last year raked in around $7.5 billion — half of it, at least, from Americans.


The cyber-gambling genie unfortunately has squirmed all the way out of the bottle and there’s no putting it back.


The only effective way to squeeze charlatans and bandits out of the business and protect consumers is to legalize the activity, then regulate it tightly and tax it heavily.


At last count, 77 nations were doing just that, and a lot of those legal Web sites are state-owned operations. Not all of those nations are Caribbean sand specks either. The list includes many of the world’s modern democracies, including Canada, Australia, the U.K. and most of the rest of the European Union. Even China and Russia are at the brink.


The United States cannot much longer stand alone against such a global tidal wave.


That, in effect, was what the World Trade Organization told the United States the other day when it ruled in favor of tiny Antigua and Barbuda in an Internet gambling restraint-of-trade case against the United States.


Antiguan authorities estimate their island nation has lost more than $90 million in taxes because of U.S. hurdles.


The United States can’t afford to thumb its nose at the international body and is expected to appeal.


That brings us back to the Louisiana Internet case.


In August, Casino City Inc., operator of, alleged that an ongoing Justice Department initiative aimed at stifling advertising by offshore gambling Web sites is a violation of commercial free speech.


In its recent motion filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana, government lawyers argued that Casino City had no standing to bring the action because it was not a named target of the crackdown.


Besides that, the government noted that the First Amendment’s free-speech guarantee does not extend to promoting illegal activity.


That brings us full circle, back to the absence of clear-cut federal law defining illegal Internet gambling.







Online Togel Poker Software consolidation Playtech purchases Tribeca TablesOnline Togel Poker Software consolidation Playtech purchases Tribeca Tables



To dispel fears of market meltdown for online poker – the sad news of Tribeca Tables pullout from USA market was countered with the positive news of an immediate acquisition by Playtech – itself, not serving the USA poker market anymore.  Tribeca Tables Europe Limited and Playtech Limited are quite the leaders in the European poker market.


Aside from poker, Playtech is also a leading developer in the online casino, bingo, mobile gaming, fixed-odds games, live gaming and land-based kiosk network markets. Playtech is hedging its growth on Europe and Asian markets, among its projects are Internet mahjong and pachinko – the latter a $300Billion industry in Japan alone.


Tribeca Tables Europe Limited is a privately-owned software designer that provides an online poker platform to several leading poker rooms such as Doyle’s Poker room, VictorChandler and Gary Bowmans Poker. Tribeca has recently merged with the Tain Poker Network which includes the Expekt poker room.


Tribeca and Playtech have agreed a maximum purchase cost as high as $139,000,000 but this would only be payable given an exceptional performance. At current performance levels, the cost would be a smaller but still considerable $75,000,000. The eventual outcome may end up somewhere in between.


Playtech Limited is paying the consideration in cash in four instalments. The first is payable upon satisfaction of specific conditions. The second, third and fourth payments are to be made respectively on the 9th, 18th and 24th month intervals, after the date of the agreement.


The Tribeca business assets being acquired by Playtech are extremely profitable. In the calendar year 2005, Tribeca cleared a gross profit of $5,300,000 on turnover of just $6,200,000 but, in a measure of its growth since then, Tribeca reports that in the last three months alone a gross profit of $3,400,000 was made from turnover of $3,900,000 (figures not audited).


Once Playtech has acquired the business assets of Tribeca, it is intended that the Tribeca online poker operators will be migrated to Playtech’s platform within six months.


Playtech says that it “…expects that synergies between the two companies will lead to significant savings in respect of the additional costs involved in supporting the migrated licensees. Additionally, the Company expects higher revenues to be generated by the increased player liquidity, as well as the introduction of Playtech’s casino games to the migrated licensees…”


Playtech says that the acquisition will significantly strengthen Playtech’s share of the global online Togel poker gaming market and is in line with its continued strategy to diversify its portfolio and geographical reach.


The Chief Executive Officer of Playtech Limited, Avigur Zmora, said:


“This is a landmark deal for Playtech which, in one move, transforms the Company into the world’s leading poker network that excludes US players. Tribeca is an outstanding fit for us and the company’s licensees are operating, for the most part, in different geographical locations to Playtech’s current poker licensees.


“We look forward to welcoming Tribeca’s licensees and offering them the best combination of poker knowledge and world leading technology. Both Tribeca and Playtech are committed to a smooth transitional period to ensure that migrating licensees can continue to offer the most attractive poker environment for their players.”






Togel Singapore





TGL introducing a new scheme for the ever growing community of Thailand Lottery.


We are well aware that many people are investing on Thailand Lottery – but not able to win even a single time. Or their success rate or winning rate is very low. For those kind of the people, we formed a club known as ‘Thai Group Lotto Club’.


Our club has elite team of Thailand Lottery enthusiasts. We are collecting funds and investing our amount all together on the Thailand Lottery. With the help of TGL Lotto Card as well as with the help of professionals and experts in the field, we are investing our amount on single digit cards, Three Digit, Double Number and ‘down numbers’. We have a 80% success rate in all the draws. due to that your money grows into many folds.


For example, if each member pays $50/draw and total number of members will be 50, then total amount will be US$ 2500. We will invest the said amount on Single digit and triple digit. Our investment scenario as follows: 40% of the collected amount will be on Single digit, another 40% on triple digit, 10% will be a administration expenses, 10% goes to the panel members for their guidance. if we won in the draw Single Digit 40%-1000.00 will get 3000.00 Triple Digit 40%-US$ 20 will be on each number, on win, will get 8000.00 (8000+3000=11000/50=220). So your $50 becomes 220.00 without any effort from your side. This is very minimal calculation. We have more chances of betting $100 on triple digit. Just imagine your benefit upon this.




The Greatest Game, a Togel Singapore marketing campaign to promote Thoroughbred ownership, will hold a lottery on March 25 in Lexington as part of its consultant program encouraging industry members to identify potential owners.


The lottery will consist of 16 horses. About 85 consultants are expected to participate. Three consultants will be drawn for the connections of each horse, at which point information will be exchanged for possible sales.


Gay Fisher, Executive Director of The Greatest Game, said she expects the program to continue with monthly lotteries.


The Greatest Game is a joint venture of industry organizations that include Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association, Keeneland Association, and the National Thoroughbred Racing Association.


The lottery will be held at Dean, Dorton, and Ford at 106 West Vine Street, Suite 600 in Lexington. Call (859) 276-2291 for more information.